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Treatment for Loss of Consciousness - Su Jok Therapy !

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Treatment for Loss of Consciousness - Su Jok Therapy !

Post  Su Jok Uganda on Tue Apr 08, 2008 11:58 am

A loss of consciousness - DOCTOR Joo DONG LEE

The Patient: Dr Joo Dong Lee’s Wife 42 years old.

A few days ago there was a situation where my wife suddenly lost consciousness I thought she would die. I became so flustered that the thought to rush her to a hospital did not even come to mind. With excessive solicitude that perhaps her heart could suddenly stop working, I found the heart corresponding area on her hands (right under the thumb) and started pressing it firmly using both thumbs. I hoped to vitalize the heart. After only two minutes of such treatment she suddenly opened her eyes and her exclamation “Please, it hurts!” Made me realize that I was able to raise a correct curing reaction in accord with the principle of Korean Hand and Foot Acupuncture

At that moment I was grateful to Originator Park Jae Woo and I felt obliged to regard his Su Jok Acupuncture Institute with tremendous respect

Later in the evening when my wife went to bed and could not fall asleep, I recognized her recovery was not yet complete. I worried she would not be able to sleep at all. Once again I started to stimulate the heart corresponding area of her hand, but because no progress appeared I stopped after same time passed. Then I found the heart representing area on her foot. Rubbing and pressing it yielded a result within five my closed her eyes and fell asleep while the treatment was in progress.

In this case I could personally verify a co-relation to the principle of Korean Hand and Foot Acupuncture it was possible to obtain results by treatment to the hand and also to the foot. I could even see that the results obtained from the foot were more effective. Whenever I treat somebody in the future I am going to employ both stimulation of the foot as well as of the hand In the case of my wife I was able to treat her successfully without using a single needle. If one has a grasp of the principles of Su Jok Acupuncture it is possible to bring relief to different diseases by treatment without needles at all

"Su Jok Therapy is a multi dimensional system of treatment comprising of various technique to deal with different categories of ailments and disorders. It brings harmony at the level of Body, Mind & Spirit."
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