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Ten Super Foods to Boost Your Libido

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Ten Super Foods to Boost Your Libido

Post  Su Jok Uganda on Sun Apr 13, 2008 7:20 pm

Ten Super Foods to Boost Your Libido
By Sheryl Walters

(Natural News) Enjoying an active sex life is essential to our wellbeing, and the foods we eat play a large role in ensuring we feel in the mood. Some of the foods that help turn us on include:

Pumpkin Seeds:-Pumpkin seeds are one of the few foods that contain zinc, which is vital for testosterone production in men. A deficiency can make a woman completely lose her sex drive. These yummy seeds are also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital to overall sexual wellbeing.

Goji Berries:-In Asia, goji berries are known as a strong sexual tonic. They increase testosterone levels, which stimulates libido in both men and women. Furthermore, they improve overall stamina, mood and wellbeing, all of which are vital for an optimum sex life.

Maca:-This is one of the new super foods out that can improve performance and alleviate impotency. It increases sperm count and testosterone levels in men. It makes people desire sex more frequently, especially women.

Bananas:-Give a boost to male libido. They contain an enzyme called Bromelain which is important for sexual health. They are also a good source of B vitamins which increase the body's energy levels and the sex hormones.

Celery:-This sexual stimulator boosts a powerful substance known as androsterone, which is an odourless aphrodisiac in male perspiration.

Avocado:-Avocados help to increase both male and female libido. They contain very high levels of folic acid, and give the body sexual energy. Avocado is also high in vitamin B6, which is a potent hormone regulator.

Bee pollen:-Bee pollen can help boost the sperm count. After all, it is made from millions of particles of a semen-like substance. Pollen's role in nature is to fertilize.

Asparagus:-Asparagus is very high in vitamin E, which is a vital nutrient for good sex.

Chillies:-Capsaicin, which is the substance that gives chillies their heat, releases endorphins and other "feel good" hormones necessary for a spicy sex life.

Basil:-Basil increases circulation, stimulates the sex drive and boosts fertility. This tasty herb cultivates a sense of wellbeing, which allows one to experience sexual bliss.

Figs:-Figs are very high in amino acids, which are critical to increasing libido and boosting sexual stamina.

Garlic: - Garlic contains high levels of allicin, which can improve blood flow to the sexual organs.

About the author
Sheryl is a kinesiologist, nutritionist and holistic Practioner. Provides the latest research on preventing disease, looking naturally gorgeous, and feeling emotionally and physically fabulous

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