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Frequently Asked Questions about Su Jok Acupuncture

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Frequently Asked Questions about Su Jok Acupuncture

Post  Su Jok Uganda on Sun May 18, 2008 11:20 am

Frequently Asked Questions about Su Jok Acupuncture

1. What is Su Jok Therapy?

The Su Jok therapy is a medical discovery of great importance for the mankind. It has raised the self-treatment, the self-dependent health care to a wholly new higher level. Thanks to the Su Jok therapy, to its simplicity and availability, it has become possible many diseases, which require highly qualified and expensive medical aid, to be successfully treated at home, without special medical education.

2. How Discovered Su Jok Therapy & When?
Su Jok Therapy is a new discovery although its origin is in the remote past. It was discovered by the South-Korean Scientist, Professor Doctor Park Jae Woo and the first scientific reports concerning the topic were from 1987 in Korean only after research of 35 yrs from 1953 – 1987.

3. Can a layman learn Su Jok Therapy?
The Su Jok Therapy first level is orientated to the people without medical education and it can be learned by all, an average intelligent person for a few hours. Su Jok Therapy is exceptionally easy to learn. It could be learned for couple of hours to a degree enough for its practice. The Therapy is so easy to understand that in Russia (where it became widely spread very quickly) it is being successfully studied in some kinder gardens and since 1997 has been taught in many of the secondary schools.

4. Who can use Su Jok Therapy?

For the Su Jok practicing there are no age restraints. It can be successfully used by 5-years old child as well as by old people at the age of 95 yrs.

5. Can it cure all the diseases?
Su Jok Therapy can be practiced for treatment of every organ, every joint and every body square centimeter. In fact each disease can be treated with Su Jok. There are no restrictions and contraindications for its use.

6. Is Su Jok Therapy compatible with other treatment like Allopathic, Homoeopathy etc?
The Su Jok Therapy is compatible with every other kind of treatment. When it is used in combination with drug, herb or other medication, it sharply speeds up the healing process. By drug treatment this leads to reduction of the amount of the taken drugs and therefore to reduction of their possible harms.

7. Can Su Jok Therapy be used in Emergency or as First Aid?
Su Jok therapy has a life-saving effect with different diseases in acute form when immediate and effective first aid is needed and there is no medical service available.

8. What is Virile of Su Jok Therapy?
The Su Jok Therapy is peerless in poor countries where not everybody can afford a qualified medical attendance or in regions where it is hard to get such aid and the only alternative is the self-treatment.

9. When Su Jok Therapy should not be practiced:
Su Jok Therapy Should not be practiced during or after excessive alcohol or drug use, When a strong fatigue, insufficient sleep or starvation, When the disease is acute and is not medically diagnosed (unless as a first aid), immediately after finishing a lavish meal, during the last three months of the pregnancy.

10. What kind of diseases can we treat with Su Jok Therapy
Su Jok Therapy can be used for treatment of all diseases if we know where its focus is. Besides, the disease’s nature is not important.

For more information regarding training, treatment in your area, Please feel free to contact us:-

"Su Jok Therapy is a multi dimensional system of treatment comprising of various technique to deal with different categories of ailments and disorders. It brings harmony at the level of Body, Mind & Spirit."
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