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Why not try Su Jok therapy for a change?

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Why not try Su Jok therapy for a change?

Post  Su Jok Uganda on Thu Apr 03, 2008 9:24 am

You are exhausted? You are sick and tired of headaches? Your back and joint ache? Your stomach troubles you again? You have tried countless ways of treatment? Tired of running to the doctor every time you have a sneeze, cold or a headache coming? Just can't get rid of stress? Tired of popping pills and guzzling tonics?

Yet the hope to restore your health wanes out! Relax. Why not try Su Jok therapy for a change? It will be your own hands and feet that will show it to you

Su Jok is a Korean healing science, popularized by Park Jae Woo, who encapsulated the teachings of acupuncture. Acupuncture uses the entire body to heal, whereas Su Jok can now heal by treating just two fingers.

Karachi-based Su Jok Dr Mansur Kothia, President of the Su Jok Association of Pakistan, says that a lot of diseases can be cured by this therapy.

The fingers used are the index and middle finger of the left hand; and the ring and little finger of the right hand.

“The body consists of five elements and whenever there is an imbalance of these elements - there is pain/disease,” says Su Jok Dr Mansur. “This therapy provides a metaphysical cure of the problem, be it stress, asthma, cold etc.”

The concise form of Su Jok uses minute equipment - the smallest of needles, micro magnets and colour rings. Su Jok Dr Mansur says his micro needles are sterilized by gamma rays and the magnet, which is the size of a nail, is powerful enough to heal you instantly.

But why colour rings?

Su Jok believes there exist eight energies in the human body - wind, heat, hotness, brightness, humidity, dryness, coldness and darkness.

Each of these energies has a corresponding colour - green, red, orange, white, yellow, brown, blue and black respectively.

While treating with this concise form of Su Jok, says Mansur, it is imperative that both the energies and their colours are given due emphasis. Hence the emphasis on colour rings, along with the mandatory micro magnets and needles. Pain is considered as blockage of energy. Once the block is removed, the pain just vanishes.

The advantages of Su Jok therapy are:
• Su Jok virtually gives instant relief, in 4 - 16 sessions.
• There are no side effects; and there are no reports or tests to undergo.
• Su Jok is considered as advancement in the arena of acupuncture.
• When compared to other holistic methods of healing Su Jok is simple and uncomplicated.
• Su Jok therapy is accurate and effective.
• This method is economical and within the reach of the common man.

Su Jok treatment has become so simple that you can treat yourself with your fingers for common ailments like a headache, stomach ache or even stress. Now Su Jok therapy can be used for treating at the physical, mental and emotional levels.

To learn acupressure it takes 20 to 25 days while learning Su Jok therapy takes only about 20 minutes. In the Acupressure, you have to remember at least 150 points and if pressure is applied at wrong point, you may damage the nerve. Here points are self-revealing. One does not need to remember them. By applying slight pressure the sensitive points can be found out.

Anyone can easily learn and practise it. So, prompt relief from pain is just a hand’s throw away. Go for it!

Simply touch the tip of your thump with that of the index finger of any hand, or both the hands, gently (all these points on our fingertips correspond to our brain). After a few seconds, one can feel pulsation at these points.

Close your eyes for a minute. Repeat this action for few times and see the miraculous result.
Ask Su Jok Dr Mansur Kothia a question here.
Mansur Kothia also conducts classes on Su Jok therapy. You can
Email at: or
Call: 021 839 9855, 0333 392 0396

"Su Jok Therapy is a multi dimensional system of treatment comprising of various technique to deal with different categories of ailments and disorders. It brings harmony at the level of Body, Mind & Spirit."
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