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Naturopathy - Drugless Therapy

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Naturopathy - Drugless Therapy

Post  Su Jok Uganda on Tue Apr 08, 2008 11:31 am

Naturopathy is a science which promotes the art of curing and preventing diseases by bringing about suitable changes in food and lifestyle. The five basic natural elements consisting of soil, water, air, fire and sunlight are used in different forms. The use of any chemical or formulated drugs, tablets, injections, operation, etc is not practiced. It is therefore referred to as ‘The drugless therapy’, which is safe and devoid of any harmful side effects.

Naturopathy is a popular alternative therapy, which upholds the basic principle that our body has the inbuilt ability to heal itself when provided with proper nutrition, exercise and environment. We are born with a strong inbuilt resistance power. If it is preserved carefully, no disease would dare attack us and we would live a healthy life

If we observe the way wild animals live, we realize that they do not have any ‘doctors’ to attend them when ill. They adhere to natural way of treatment when required. Wild animals are observed to ‘fast’ without food and rest quietly when ill. Their wounds heal naturally due to mudpacks and sunlight. Wild boars are observed to lie in mud when wounded due to shots fired by hunters. Wild animals also visit ‘salt licks’, natural open rock salt, to supplement their body’s requirement of minerals. Carnivorous animals such as Tigers, Cats and Dogs are seen nibbling on grasses, presumably when ill.

The accumulation of harmful substances in the body is the major cause of illness. In modern times, man is increasingly turning away from nature. His lifestyle is more un-natural and synthetic. Wrong living and eating habits, irregular lifestyle, addictions, and lack of physical activity, pollution, stress and use of harmful drugs are the major factors that adversely affect the natural resistance of the body.

Simple tips promoted in Naturopathy to maintain good health:
  • Follow a healthy diet routine, Include lots of raw vegetables, fruits and salads in your daily diet.
    Drink lots of clean water. Adults should drink about 2 to 3 liters (8 tol2 glasses) of water daily. It is more beneficial to drink water at least half an hour after (or before) having food. Also, drinking water
    While having food should be avoided.
    Increase intake of fresh and pollution free air. Brisk walking for about half an hour in the early morning helps store’ more oxygen needed to remain fresh full day.
    Practicing Yoga, meditation and Breathing exercises for at least 10 to 15 minutes daily is highly recommended as it also reduces stress.

Modern diets lack healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, which account for poor nutrition in most people, particularly antioxidants that are the building blocks of good health. Moreover to worsen matters, the food that we eat today may contain additives, coloring, pesticides residue and preservatives. Everyday we are exposed to air noise and visual pollution. All these contribute to the increase of free radicals in our bodies, where studies have shown, could cause cancer and chronic degenerative diseases. There is not only a steep rise in the frequency and intensity of old diseases, but many new diseases have started springing up.

The father of modern medical science and the great Greek philosopher Hippocrates, who lived about 2500 years ago, has rightly said ‘Let thy food be thy medicine’. People spend fortunes to get rid of ailments but fail to get relief. The reason behind this pathetic situation is that we never think of resigning ourselves to the almighty Nature. We simply ignore the health giving herbs and plants created by Nature. Smile Wheat grass is one such boon bestowed by Nature on man to make him healthy. Smile Wheat grass in tablet form is the most convenient and effective way of making its benefits readily available.

The time has come to follow the slogan - ‘Go back to Nature’.

The basic purpose of food is to provide nutrition required for protection and development of the body. Unfortunately today’s modern living involves busy schedules which set a preference for fast, convenient and tasty diets. A person eats for taste and not for nutrition and it is difficult to change the eating habits. But simply, junk food tastes better and is convenient to eat rather than fruits and vegetables. This is why many health conscious people appreciate the importance of food supplements to compensate deficiency of essential nutrients. Wheatgrass tablet is increasingly becoming a popular food supplement as it is 100 % natural, safe and contains more than 111 beneficial substances.

"Su Jok Therapy is a multi dimensional system of treatment comprising of various technique to deal with different categories of ailments and disorders. It brings harmony at the level of Body, Mind & Spirit."
Su Jok Uganda

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